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Part Information:

Part Number: 191-3003-080
Description: Ultra ATA, 30 awg solid , PVC
Family: Zip Cable

Outline Drawing
Spectra-Strip 80 conductor Ultra ATA cable is offered in two versions, as recommended by the SFF-8049 committee for reliable 33 Mb/sec ATA data transfer for cable assemblies up to 18.0". TPE cables with higher impedance are available for longer cables (consult factory for details). Standard put-up is 100' coils. Longer lengths are available upon request.

Conductors 30-1 Bare Copper
Dielectric PVC
Color Grey with Red Strip
Thickness .025 + .002"
Temperature Rating -20�C to +105�C


Impedance 80 ohms
Capacitance 19.0 pF/ft
Voltage Rating 150V
UL/CSA Style 2678, FT1