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Part Information:

Part Number: 193-3099-988
Description: Fast 20 / 40, 30 awg solid, TPE
Family: Zip Cable

Outline Drawing
Spectra-Strip's new Fast 20/40 SCSI cable is designed to comply with the recently released ANSI standard for Fast 20 SCSI devices operating at 20 MB data rates. Two versions of the cable are offered: 50 conductor 26 AWG on .050" centers PVC for 8 bit narrow applications (see part number 191-2601-150),and 68 conductor 30 AWG on .025" centers for 16 and 32 bit wide applications (part number 193-3099-988).
With the new cable, characteristic impedance is higher (and tighter) at 90 + 6 ohms and signal-to-signal skew is controlled to within .025 ns/ft max, to accommodate the higher frequency Fast 20 signals.

  • Allows Implementors of the New Fast 20/40 SCSI
    (also known as Ultra SCSI) to Double SCSI 3's
    Data Rate to 20 to 40 Megabytes
  • Full Compatibility with Existing SCSI Connectors
  • Improved Signal Shape and Timing

Conductors (68) 30 AWG Solid Bare Copper
Color White, one edge black
Insulation TPE
Conductor Spacing .025"�.002"
UL / CSA UL AWM Style 20297
CSA AWM I A 105C 150V FT-1


Impedance 90 � 6 ohms S.E.(SCSI Mode),
125 � 10 ohms Differential
Capacitance 16.4 pf/ft @ 1MHz nom S.E. (SCSI Mode) 11.7 pf / ft Differential @ 1 MHz
Propagation Delay 1.43 NS / ft
Propagation Delay Skew .025 NS /ft max.
DC Resistance 104 ohms/1,000' - 10' minimum

Ordering Information
  Width 'A' Span 'B'
Inches (mm) Inches (mm)
193-3099-988 68 1.695 (43,18) 1.675 �.004 (42,54 �,10)
Dimensions and characteristics subject to change without notice.
Standard put-up is 100 feet on cardboard reels. Consult factory for larger put-ups.

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