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Part Information:

Part Number: 193-3099-986
Description: 80 Conductor TPE zip, 30 awg solid
Family: Zip Cable

Outline Drawing
Spectra-Strip's new 80 conductor cable, P/N 193-3099-986 is designed for use with the SCA-2 (Single Connector Attach) as defined by the Small Form Factor (SFF) committee and EIA. Applications include daisy chained SCSI adapter cables that carry additional power and auxiliary signals. The cable is the same as standard Fast 20/40 P/N 193-3099-988 with the exception of 12 additional conductors.
  • Compliance with single ended and differential SCSI standards
  • Significant cost savings Vs. FEP dielectric
  • Precision pitch and span control for termination with automatic machines

Conductors (80) 30-1 Bare Copper
Color White with edge trace for polarity
Insulation Thermoplastic Elastomer (TPE)
Conductor Spacing .025" �0.002"
Temperature Rating -65 � C to + 105 � C


Impedance 90 � 6 ohms, single ended(SCSI mode)
125 � 10 ohms, differential
Capacitance 16.4 pf / ft @ 1 MHz, single ended(SCSI mode)
11.7 pf / ft, differentially @ 1 MHz
Propagation Delay 1.43 ns / ft nom
Delay Skew 0.025 ns / ft max
Voltage Rating 150 V
CSA AWM I/II A105 deg.C 300V, FT-1

Ordering Information
  Width A Span B
Part Number No. Cond. Inches (mm) Inches (mm)
193-3099-986 80 2.000 (50,80) 1.975�.007 (50,17)�0,18

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