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Part Information:

Part Number: 125-3096-996
Description: .025 pitch Spectra-Mode™ Twist 'N' Flat® , 30 AWG Solid Tinned Copper, TPE Insulation
Family: Internal Twisted Pair

Outline Drawing

Spectra-Strip now has the first truly "multi-mode" internal wide SCSI cable available that fully meets ANSI T10/1142 D impedance requirements for both Ultra 2 LVD (Low Voltage Differential) and Fast 20 single ended applications with one cable. Called Spectra-Mode�, it is the latest generation of Twist 'N' Flat�, having a characteristic impedance of 93 ohms (single ended) and 131 ohms (differential). This dual mode cable allows SCSI designers to ensure that their Ultra 2 LVD busses operate correctly when a Fast 20 single ended device is attached to the bus, and the system defaults to Fast 20 mode.

Unique in the industry, this is the only cable to offer programmable twist length sections and a fully laminated construction for improved signal fidelity and greater crosstalk control on all pairs. Compared with traditional hand lamination methods of terminating SCSI cables, Twist 'N' Flat� affords considerable end product cost savings.

  • Recommended for both Ultra 2 LVD and Fast 20 SCSI higher frequency applications
  • Twisted pairs for significant crosstalk isolation
  • Fully laminated construction for tighter impedance control
  • Up to ten twist length combinations available
  • Double sided lamination provides excellent conductor strain relief
  • Reduced assembly costs compared with discrete or hand lamination terminations

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