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Bandwidth Spectra-Strip

Spectra-Strip Cable Products | Amphenol Corporation | Customer Service

Bulk cable and only bulk cable.

InfiniBand... Ultra 320... SATA... SAS... Fibre Channel... 10Gb Ethernet... SONET... LVDS all part of today's alphabet soup of standards for data and telecom interconnect. Amphenol Spectra-Strip's mission is to enhance the signal fidelity and extend the life of copper cable for these critical high bandwidth data transfer applications, and to provide exceptional customer value in the form of enhanced performance and lower total applied costs for the Information Processing and Telecom markets.

Today, much exciting new technology is currently being developed to extend copper's usable length for high data rate applications, both in datacom and telecom. The reason: copper presents significant opportunities for interconnect cost savings over fiber optics due to the conversion costs from electrons to photons and back. This new technology revolves around driver signal pre-emphasis, equalization, and cable / connector / termination technology that minimizes skew, crosstalk, and EMI. These copper interconnects demand cables with exacting control of transmission line properties, far beyond typical Cat 6 structured wiring requirements, due to the gigabit signals being driven. They also demand low cost models for the high volume, competitive marketplaces they serve.

To meet these challenges, Spectra-Strip has developed several new advanced cable technologies for cost effective mass termination and low cost, high bit rate, precision twinax applications. ISO 9001 cable manufacturing facilities are maintained in Hamden, CT. and Romsey, England. The registered trademarks of Spectra-Strip include Twist 'N' Flat®, Spectra-Zip®, Ultra-Flex®, Spectra-Bond® and SKEWCLEAR®

Amphenol Corporation

Amphenol Corporation is one of the largest manufacturers of interconnect products in the world. The company designs, manufactures and markets RF/microwave connectors; flat ribbon cable and interconnect systems; CATV cable and connectors; electronic connectors; and fiber-optic connectors. The primary end markets for Amphenol products are communications and information processing, including cable television, cellular telephone, data communications and instrumentation; aerospace and military electronics; automotive, rail and other transportation; and industrial applications.

Amphenol Corporation is a global leader in providing integrated interconnect solutions to the telecommunications industry. Recognized worldwide as a technology leader in the wireless market, Amphenol offers a full complement of RF coaxial products from Mini-UHF connectors used on cellular subscriber units to low intermodulation 7-16 DIN connectors used on cellular base stations. Today, Amphenol is a major player in this global arena; a position founded on the combined strengths of a broad product line and a leadership role in product innovation.

Amphenol's ability to provide fully integrated solutions even extends into the arena of smart card technology, where microchips and sophisticated chip card acceptor devices are being combined for a growing number of applications from banking, to security, to medicine, to voice recognition systems.

Maintaining this position as a leader in the field of communications requires close interaction with a worldwide customer base through international management teams, distributed manufacturing, global quality assurance programs and sophisticated distribution networks. By remaining totally committed to the customer, Amphenol provides the very highest levels of quality and responsive service, anywhere in the world.

Commitment to Customer Service

For over 60 years, leading manufacturers of communications, consumer, industrial and aerospace products have relied on Amphenol to provide total interconnect solutions. Maintaining this high level of customer trust requires a total concern for complete customer satisfaction at all levels - from engineering, to manufacturing, to quality assurance. Since many products are custom designed to individual customer specifications, often for the harshest environments, it's critical that a teamwork approach be taken, involving the customer at all levels. It starts with the design engineers who listen closely to customer needs, combining solid analytic skills with the latest CAE and CAD tools to quickly solve problems.

Amphenol also employs multi-functional teams to ensure that all products are designed for manufacturability. Serving the needs of our customers also requires a strong worldwide manufacturing presence. That's why we operate advanced production and assembly facilities strategically located across three continents. Yet, our quality remains exceptionally uniform and internationally standardized, from raw materials testing, through design engineering, to automated manufacturing and sub-assembly, to fully documented and traceable test procedures developed in accordance with customer specifications. Amphenol also employs Statistical Process Control and has obtained ISO 9000 Certification for all its production facilities worldwide. As a result, we offer precisely what every customer is looking for - world class quality at the lowest possible cost.